how it works

1. The differences between the hair on your scalp and on a wig

The hair on your scalp and your wig are both made of lifeless keratin protein so there is no major difference in their structure. However, the hair on your scalp is connected to hair follicles which continuously generate new keratin proteins. At the same time, the scalp secretes a protective film over the surface of your hair. Because the human hair on your wig has been cut from its natural cuticles, it is unable to continuously provide this protective layer of moisture. In other words, the hair quality may worsen once the hair is cut from the scalp and sewn onto a wig. Therefore, we have developed a product to bring back this protection for the hair on your wig.

2. Powerful repair and hydrating function

The Absorver BURITI OIL Deep Conditioner uses BURITI OIL to repair and replenish your hair. Buriti oil is high in oleic acid and the richest known natural source of beta-carotene. Beta carotene is one of the most powerful antioxidants known for its cell renewal and anti-aging benefits. The rich and unsaturated fatty acids in Buriti Fruit Oil helps to rebuild, moisturize, and re-hydrate the hair. Hair on your wig primarily absorbs nutrients from open hair cuticles. Therefore, we use ingredients with powerful repair and hydration properties to support and enhance the absorption process.

3. Protection for your hair

Hair cuticles can experience damage during the wig making process. Because the hair has been cut from the natural cuticles, we formulated a product to act as a extremely thin film of protection for the hair on your wig. It is suggested to use this product once a week.


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